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Why not invest in kids and give the gift of empowerment? 

Donate today to Children First Canada and download a personalized card to give to your loved one. 

Your donation will go towards programs to improve the lives of all of Canada’s kids! Our programs support training and mentoring for children and youth to be agents of change in their communities and at the national level, research and awareness raising, and advocacy work that will result in measurable gains that improve the lives of our children.

For every dollar donated, your gift will be matched up to a total maximum cumulative donation of $10,000 by Sun Life Global Investments. That’s double the impact!  

"We are thrilled to support Children First Canada and most of all, to help Canadian children in our communities who need it most," said Rick Headrick, President, Sun Life Global Investments.

Together we will make Canada the best place in the world for kids to grow up! 

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