Pledge To Put Children First

It’s time for Canada to measure up! Long-term, sustainable and positive change for our children requires collective action. Together, we can take immediate steps that will help make Canada a world-leading country for all our kids to grow up. Raise your hand. Raise your voice. Raise funds for children's charities.

We're Calling On All Canadians To Take The Pledge To Put Children First


Raise Your

Volunteer with organizations that are investing in kids - children's charities, children's hospitals and schools. 

Raise Your

Raise awareness within your school, workplace and community about the situation of children in Canada and motivate others to get involved. 

Raise Funds For Kids

Invest you own charitable dollars in organizations that help children and inspire others to invest in kids. 


We're Also Calling On The Government Of Canada To Put CHILDREN FIRST

Every child deserves a champion
Establish a federal children’s commissioner – an independent official to raise the profile of children in Canada, and promote the best interests of children. By holding the government accountable, and speaking with or on behalf of children, the newly appointed Cmmissioner would collaborate with a complement the work of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council.

Every child needs resources to thrive
Publish a children’s program budget to track the national funding that is allocated and invested in evidence-based solutions for children. The children’s budget would be informed by the expertise of a number of government representatives actors including Finance Canada, Employment and Social Development Canada, Treasury Board Secretariat and the Privy Council Office.

Every child deserves a positive start at life
Create a national strategy to improve the lives of Canada’s children and measure progress over time.

Every child has rights
Teach children and youth their rights and responsibilities, and ensure that Canada’s laws protect the rights of children. If violations occur, ensure that children receive timely justice.

Every child has a voice
Involve children and youth in shaping public policies that affect their lives.

Other Ways To Support Children First Canada