Every child deserves a champion!

Every child deserves a champion, and that’s why the Government of Canada needs to keep its promise to establish a federal Commission for Children and Youth. The role of the Commission would be to promote the best interests of children, hold the government accountable, and speak with or on behalf of children. Children’s Commissioners have been established in more than 60 countries including Sweden, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. It’s a proven strategy to improve results for children.

#RaiseYourHand4Kids and ask the Government of Canada to keep its promise to kids and appoint a Commission for Children and Youth:

  • Send a letter to the Prime Minister and your MP, asking them to #RaiseYourHand4Kids and appoint a Commission for Children and Youth. 
  • Share a photo of your handprint with your name and age on social media with the hashtag #RaiseYourHand4Kids and tag @JustinTrudeau.  
  • Post on your social media accounts using the #RaiseYourHand4Kids hashtag. 
  • Download the #RaiseYourHand4Kids toolkit for more information.