Board of directors

The board of directors sets the strategic direction for Children First Canada and provides guidance to the execution of the strategy and plans. 

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Sara Austin

Founder and CEO

Children First Canada

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Gail O'Brien

Chair of the Board

Board Director of Sick Kids Foundation, Trustee of the National Arts Centre, Co-chair of the Council for Canadian American Relations, and Former GM of Holt Renfrew Calgary.

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Desiree Bombenon

President and CEO, SureCall Contact Centres.

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Bill Hutchings, CPA, CA

Bill Hutchings is a partner at the accounting firm MDP. Bill has over 35 years of experience in public accounting.

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Darrell Gregersen

Mus.Bac, FAHP, ICD.D

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Alana Riley

Senior Vice President, IG Wealth Management

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Kimberley Bozak

Co Founder of Glorious & Free Projects Inc.

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Lisa De Wilde

Chief Executive Officer, TVO

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Strategic advisors

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Georgina Black

National Leader. Management Consulting & National Sector Lead for Health KPMG in Canada.

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Ilona Dougherty

Managing Director, Youth & Innovation Research Project, University of Waterloo.

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Angela Simo Brown

Head of Social Change Strategy and Innovation at Air Miles Loyalty One, and Co-Founder of Air Miles for Social Change.

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Council of champions

The Council of Champions includes Canada's leading voices for children’s rights and wellbeing. This diverse mix of leaders from across the country speaks as a united voice for Canada’s children, working together to urgently drive action through public awareness raising, public policy influence, research and public engagement. The Council also provides guidance on the strategic direction and priorities for Children First, and act as champions for specific projects and activities that promote the wellbeing of Canada's children. 


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Stephanie Mitton


Youth ambassadors

At the heart of Children First Canada are the voices of kids and we are pleased to have Youth Ambassadors who are working on the frontlines to make this a better country for all children. Our 2016-2017 Youth Ambassadors included: Sam Yacob, Hannah Ruuth and Sanaya Polobuto. 


In partnership with... 

Long-term, sustainable and positive change for the children requires collective action. We are uniting and leveraging Canada's leading children's charities, research institutions, corporations and community leaders to speak with a united voice for Canada's children. These are some of our dedicated partners:


Join us! Together we can make Canada the best place for kids to grow up!