We are asking all Canadians to call for urgent action!

Raising Canada: Election 2019 is the latest in a series of reports by Children First Canada and the O'Brien Institute for Public. The Call to Action focuses on the top 10 threats to Canada’s children and urges Canadians to put kids on the radar as the head to the polls in the federal election.

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Platform Monitoring

Find out where each party stands! Children First Canada is monitoring the platforms of the major federal political parties.

Here’s a summary of their positions on the top 10 threats to Canada’s children. Information be updated as new positions are released by each party.

Raising Canada 2018

The 2018 Raising Canada report sounded the alarm on the state of childhood in Canada, and called for urgent action by the federal government and all Canadians. The report made national headlines and continues to influence key decision makers who influence the lives of Canada’s children.

Many Canadians believe this is one of the best places to raise and be a child, yet that simply isn’t true. Canada lags far behind most wealthy nations when it comes to the well-being of children, ranking only 25th out of 41 wealthy countries according to UNICEF

Economic Commentary Report

On National Child Day 2018, Children First Canada and the O’Brien Institute for Public Health released the Economic commentary on Raising Canada: A case for investing in children.

The report highlighted the multi-billion dollar economic toll associated with key threats to child health, including child abuse, obesity and bulling.

Children have spoken - they want to be heard

We gathered with 50 children and youth from Calgary to engage in meaningful conversation about the top ten threats to their health and wellness.

We can and must to better for the sake of all of Canada’s children!