A nation is measured based on how it treats its children. 

Canada is one of the best countries in the world in which to grow up.
Kids who live in Canada have won the lottery.
Canada takes good care of our youth.

These are great statements and most people believe them, but sadly they are not always true. Children First Canada undertook a landmark national study on the state of childhood in Canada, and the results reveal that the Kids are Not Alright! We surveyed adults and children to understand the current challenges facing kids and to gauge public support for action. The report paints a starling picture of the harsh realities that our children face, and busts several myths about what it is like to grow up in Canada. 

While Canada is the 5th most prosperous country in the world, we are ranked 25th out of 41 affluent nations for our children’s wellbeing according to UNICEF, and we drop to the bottom ranks for key measures on children’s health and safety as well as child poverty.

It is not enough to say that children are our future. Those words mean nothing unless backed up by concrete actions to invest in children right now. Today, there are six million kids in Canada, and they each deserve better.

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we're having an impact!

Children First Canada has a bold and ambitious vision that together we can make Canada the best place in the world for kids to grow up. We are a strong, effective and independent voice for all of Canada's children.

We are harnessing the strength of many organizations that are committed to improving the lives of Canada's children, including children's charities and hospitals, research centres, government, corporations, community leaders, and children themselves. 

Check out our Annual Impact Report to see the difference we're making in the lives of kids from coast to coast to coast. 


The Canadian children's charter

We launched an exciting project to invite children and youth across the country to help create the Canadian Children's Charter - the vision and roadmap to make Canada the best place in the world for kids to grow up! Over the past several months, hundreds of children and youth across Canada shared their input through a survey, focus groups, online forums, and the National Summit in Ottawa on November 20-22, 2017. 

Read the Canadian Children's Charter Draft and learn how you can be a part of this groundbreaking opportunity to improve the lives of all of Canada's children! 

Every child deserves a champion!

Every child deserves a champion, and that’s why the Government of Canada needs to keep its promise to establish a federal Commission for Children and Youth. The role of the Commission would be to promote the best interests of children, hold the government accountable, and speak with or on behalf of children. Children’s Commissioners have been established in more than 60 countries including Sweden, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. It’s a proven strategy to improve results for children.

#RaiseYourHand4Kids and ask the Government of Canada to keep its promise to kids and appoint a Commission for Children and Youth:

  • Send a letter to the Prime Minister and your MP, asking them to #RaiseYourHand4Kids and appoint a Commission for Children and Youth. 
  • Share a photo of your handprint with your name and age on social media with the hashtag #RaiseYourHand4Kids and tag @JustinTrudeau.  
  • Post on your social media accounts using the #RaiseYourHand4Kids hashtag. 
  • Download the #RaiseYourHand4Kids toolkit for more information.

Donate today and together we can make Canada the best place to grow up!

DONATE TODAY to Children First Canada! Your donation will be used to support programs to improve the lives of all of Canada’s kids! Our programs support training and mentoring for children and youth to be agents of change in their communities and at the national level, research and awareness raising, and advocacy work that will result in measurable gains that improve the lives of our children.

With your support, together we can make Canada the best place in the world for kids to grow up!